AFLW Champion Player of the Year

The AFL Coaches Association AFLW Champion Player of the Year is an award voted by the AFLW senior coaches on a 5,4,3,2,1 basis after each home and away game, acknowledging outstanding effort to an individual player in a season.

Round 8

Votes by Match

Votes by Match

Round currently in progress, more votes to follow.


Votes Player Club
Votes Pending: Interim leaderboard
47 Jasmine Garner NMFC
46 Jaimee Lambert COLL
44 Madison Prespakis CARL
42 Kiara Bowers FRE
41 Paxy Paxman MELB
35 Alyce Parker GWS
34 Emma Kearney NMFC
31 Ashleigh Riddell NMFC
28 Jamie Stanton GCFC
26 Emily Bates BL
24 Monique Conti RICH
23 Jenna Bruton NMFC
23 Olivia Purcell GEEL
22 Brianna Davey COLL
22 Dana Hooker WCE
22 Ebony Marinoff ADEL
21 Kate Lutkins BL
20 Ellie Blackburn WB
20 Kalinda Howarth GCFC
19 Brittany Bonnici COLL
19 Caitlin Greiser STK
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