Tackle Your Feelings

Tackle Your Feelings is a collaboration between the AFL Coaches Association, the AFL Players Association, Zurich Financial Services Australia and the Z Zurich Foundation.  

The five-year program aims to improve mental health resilience, support and to promote behaviours which support better mental health within 500 Aussie Rules community football clubs.  It's higher purpose is to turn these clubs into mentally healthy communities, where coaches look out for the children involved in the clubs, providing support and education to them and their families.  We aim to help support 50,000 children and their families over the life of the program. 

At grassroots level, Aussie Rules football clubs are vital cogs in local communities and are led by a small number of volunteer coaches and committee members. Tackle Your Feelings will provide Mental Health First Aid training to the coaches and committee member at participating clubs, so as to equip these front-line volunteers with a better skills set to identify individual members of their club with a mental health problem and then to offer them appropriate support. We aim to train and support 5,000 coaches and committee members over the life of the program. 

Those participating Clubs will be accredited as Tackle Your Feelings clubs, a badge of honour they can use to promote their club.  They also will be provided with preferential access to professional AFL footballers and coaches, to help them improve the training and environment within their club community. 

For more head to: www.tackleyourfeelings.org.au