AFL Coaches Association Assistant Coach of the Year

Awarded based on input from the Players and Coaches, on a 50-50 basis.  Coaches asked to rate the Assistant and Development Coaches at their club, based on their overall performance this year, allocating each a score out of 10 (10 being the highest score).  Each Assistant and Development Coach will receive an average score out of 10 from their Club’s Coaching panel, which will be matched by an average score out of 10 from their Playing group to determine an overall score.


2023 James Rahilly (Adelaide Crows)
2022 Troy Chaplin (Melbourne)
2021 Luke Power (Carlton)
2020 Daniel Giansiracusa (Western Bulldogs)
2019 Craig McRae (Richmond)
2018 Rhyce Shaw (Sydney Swans)
2017 Rhyce Shaw (Sydney Swans)
2016 Stuart Dew (Sydney Swans)
2015 Adam Kingsley (St Kilda)
2014 Brett Montgomery (Western Bulldogs)
2013 Robert Harvey (Collingwood)
2012 Peter Sumich (Fremantle)
2011 Darren Crocker (North Melbourne)
2010 Brendan McCartney (Geelong Cats)
2009 Mark Riley (Carlton)
2008 Tony Elshaug (St Kilda)
2007 Tony Micale (West Coast Eagles)
2006 John Longmire (Sydney Swans)
2005 Robert Wiley (West Coast Eagles)
2004 Phil Walsh (Dec.) (Port Adelaide)
2003 Neil Craig (Adelaide Crows)