Coach Performance Review Tools

The AFLCA has developed the following Performance Review document to be used by clubs and assist them in the process of reviewing the on-going performance of the AFL Assistant coach. The tool has been developed with input from the industry, clubs, coaches and academic research.

The purpose of this document is to provide specific information on the performance of the Assistant Coach, in some key competency areas, common in all coaching roles.

1. Leadership Skills

2. Personal Qualities

3. Development and Performance

4. Communication and Interpersonal Skills

5. Vision and Values

6. Technical and Tactical skills.


The assessments in each area should be used as the basis for a more comprehensive discussion.

The documents provided are for the clubs to use at their own discretion, though the AFLCA recommends the review process be undertaken separately by:

1. Assistant Coach: Completed by the individual as a self-evaluation.

2. Peer Review: Completed by a Peer of the Assistant Coach.

3. Manager Review: Completed by the Senior Coach and/or the General Manager of Football Operations and/or the Coaching Director.

The AFLCA recommends the Performance Review be completed twice per year, with the process being documented and recorded for future reference. Previous reviews should be used to demonstrate the coach’s development over the period of their contract.

Note: Players are often regarded as very good judges of a coach’s performance as they are the ones who have the most to gain from a coach’s input. Coaches or Clubs may choose to have a player/s complete the Peer Review tool as part of the review process.

AFLCA Assistant Coach - Peer Review

AFLCA Assistant Coach - Individual Review

AFLCA Assistant Coach - Manager Review

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