Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Continuous Professional Development (CPD), is part of the coaches on-going commitment to learning and education, assisting the coach to become better in their current role and prepare them for future roles, in and away from football.

Coaching is a process of ‘continual improvement’ and coaches are encouraged to build their knowledge, skills and experiences so they can enhance their performance and the performance of those they coach.

A coach who is a continuous learner, who is curious, who constantly works to understand others, who listens, who can reflect and adapt and who has a philosophy that underpins their practice, will be a highly effective coach in the high performance environment. The AFLCA CPD program is designed to help shape such a coach.

CPD Programs

Coach Reviews

Service Providers

Work Placement Program

High Performance Roles

AFLCA Professional Development Policy

Below are copies of the relevant policies and forms relating to AFLCA members and their personal development funding.

Personal Development Funding Policy (approval and reimbursement forms attached).

Request for Funding Approval Form (form only).

Funding Reimbursement Form (form only).

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