Giants shot themselves in the foot: Cameron
Sunday, May 13, 2018 - 11:32 AM

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GREATER Western Sydney's foot skills have let the side down badly for the second week running and coach Leon Cameron admits it's an area of concern.

The Giants butchered the footy against Geelong in round seven and cost themselves any chance of a win over West Coast at Spotless Stadium with another terrible day with footy in hand.

GWS beat the visitors or were close to even in all of the important statistical categories, but continually turned the ball over in all parts of the ground and gifted the Eagles several goals in the 25-point loss.

Cameron said his team has to clean up its disposal and make better decisions with the footy.

"Clearly our ball use is hurting us, we can't shy away from that," he said after the match.

"To win contested ball, even out the inside 50s and out tackle them, but give them seven goals (from turnovers) in the front half, thatís deflating and it's an area for concern.

"Picking the right option coming out of the back half hurt us last week really badly, and I think we kicked at 50-odd per cent (efficiency) today, which is not up to AFL standard.

"You can work as hard as you like, and I was pleased with their work rate, but if you turn the ball over and take the wrong option they're going to punish you, and they did.

"Thatís the hardest thing about playing AFL footy, clearly when you're in form you make better decisions, and we're out of form and making worse decisions.

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