Solomon's simple message to Suns players
Thursday, August 10, 2017 - 11:48 PM

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DEAN Solomon will make some tweaks to Gold Coast's style over the final three weeks, but says his instructions will be simple be harder at the ball, and be hungrier without it.

Speaking at his first media conference as interim coach since Rodney Eade's sacking, Solomon said his main focus over the first 48 hours had been on creating the best environment for the players.

On the field, he said the Suns had been a bit easy to play against at times, and agreed they had to be more physical.

"That's the basics of footy, the foundation of a really good side," he said

"We need to be more consistent around our contest work, and we need to have a real strong appetite to get the ball back off the opposition.

"That's going to be our simple and key focus, and the players are all for that.

"When we lose the contest and the opposition have the ball, you look at our tackling numbers and they're right down, and that tells us we don't have the appetite in tight, and when the opposition have the ball on the outside, our team defence is quite inconsistent at the moment.

"We're just looking to tighten that up.

"We know we can't change it all in three weeks, but we're drawing a lot of attention to that more so than the offensive side of the game."

Solomon has been at the Suns since the club's inception, spending seven years as an assistant coach.

He said the news of Eade's sacking was a "shock" but he felt in a good position to take the reins for three matches with Matthew Primus, Andy Lovell and Ash Prescott alongside him.

Solomon is among those in contention to succeed Eade, but said he wanted to get through the season first before thinking further.

The former Essendon premiership player was contacted by Greater Western Sydney earlier this year, but said his preference was to stay with the Suns.

"My first preference is to absolutely stay here," he said.

"I see the upside in this football club.

"I was at Essendon for nine years and was part of a premiership, and lucky to be part of that, but I feel like I'm just as invested in this football club as I was in Essendon.

"Myself, and lot of other people, have put so much work into this football club, we truly still believe success is not far away.

"I'm in no rush (to be a coach).

"If the right opportunity arises in six months or six years, we'll look at it then."

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